For an enduring window covering option in your kitchen, roman shades are a classic choice. To make the right selection, explore my expert advice on what to consider when picking window shades for your kitchen. We'll also provide some top recommendations, along with additional suggestions for kitchen window treatments.

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solar shades

What makes Roman shades an excellent choice for the kitchen?

Dressing up windows with drapes is a common practice for many rooms. Yet, for the kitchen, this choice would not be suitable.

When it comes to window treatments in areas with cabinets and countertops, the available space for them is limited. That's where roman shades prove to be useful.

The versatility of the roman shade's height allows for easy customization to a perfect fit for any kitchen window size.

Maintain cleanliness

In functional spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, roman shades are often the superior choice over curtain drapes.

Kitchens are prone to spills and splatters, which can be a hassle to clean up. Thankfully, installing a roman shade at the top of your window can help keep it clean and pristine.

A classic appearance for all ages

The decision to opt for a roman shade as a window treatment is often dictated by one's choice of interior décor or desired aesthetic.

Roman shades present a sleek and uncluttered appearance that complements the practicality of kitchens and dining rooms perfectly. It's a classic choice of window dressing that's never going to go out of fashion.

Contemporary kitchens are incomplete without a statement piece, and window shades have emerged as a top choice. By strategically placing them against a plain backdrop, they add a touch of elegance to any culinary space. Here are the latest trending styles for kitchen windows that will leave your guests asking, "Where did you find those?"

Prior to choosing a kitchen window treatment, it is crucial to consider if your windows are located in the "splash zone."

Any area susceptible to food splatter, steam or water is classified as the splash zone. This commonly includes windows above sinks, in close proximity to stoves that collect grease, and around food preparation surfaces that are prone to heavy usage.

In contemporary socializing culture, kitchens have become the central hub of every home. As the heart of the house, your kitchen should always look its finest, and what better way to achieve that but with sleek window treatments? Check out our top picks for the best kitchen window styles.

Different types of fabric

There is a diverse range of fabrics that can be used to make roman shades.

For kitchens with a neutral or predominantly white color scheme, introducing a patterned shade can provide an attractive accent to your windows. Not only do these shades breathe personality and color into your space, but they also add a touch of warmth and appeal perfect for both modern farmhouse and conventional kitchen designs.

Assuming your kitchen boasts a powerful ventilation/extraction system that can prevent moisture build-up and eliminate cooking odors, you won't have to worry about your shades being affected. Additionally, if they are not susceptible to splashes, they'll remain pristine.

The only other consideration is proximity to a oven/stove or other fire hazard, as fabric blinds can be flammable, although they are sometimes treated with flame retardant coatings.

If you want to achieve a specific finish or style in your kitchen and are considering roman shades, don't hesitate to contact us for recommendations or with questions. We'll be happy to help.