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Zebra Blinds

Choose from a wide variety of zebra blinds for windows, including blackout zebra blinds. We also have many color options; the most popular being white zebra blinds.


Solar Shades / Roller Shades

Blackout roller shades are great sun shades for windows that will allow complete darkness in any room. We also offer light filtering if you are looking for brightness.


Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds, also known as Honeycomb blinds, are the perfect option for those looking for a clean fresh look at a great price point.


Toronto can be a very cold city during the peaks of the winter months during Canadian winters and very hot during the spring.  Transitioning from hot summer months into the winter is a concern for many when it comes to paying for electricity bills amongst other concerns regarding the weather.

One of the solutions to avoid these issues is by getting Toronto custom blinds and shades.  Solar shades and cellular blinds are highly recommended for Toronto blinds for various reasons.

The main reasons that solar roller shades are advantageous are as follows:

1-Maintaining an outdoor view

Whether you are living in the suburbs or in the midst of the city, you may want to enjoy the outdoor view from your window.

Solar shades provide you with the option to block out your view by lowering your shades for maximum privacy, or leaving them open to have clear visibility. This is one of the most popular advantages to the filtering Toronto blinds.

2-Having a warm space during the day and into the evening

During the winter days, you may want to try and keep as much heat in your space as possible. This is not only for comfort but also in terms of reducing energy and as well as lowering your heating costs. As the day progresses in the winter, the temperature starts to drop. Not only is the change unpleasant, it can also disrupt sleep schedules when a room becomes too cold. Toronto custom blinds are a great solution to monitoring these temperature fluctuations.

3- Having control over amount of light

One of the biggest downsides to the winter season in Toronto is that there is a short amount of daylight. Since the sun sets earlier, this results in a loss of light in the late afternoon which can cause a gloomy feeling. One of the best ways to enjoy that last remaining amount of light is by covering your windows with the 10% solar shades. This type of shade allows an enjoyable amount of light come through the window while easing into the evening.

4- Creates a stylish space

Adding Toronto blinds to a room in a home or apartment can add the final details that are missing to decorate a space. Especially with the variety of customization options available, adding some shades can create an accent color in any room. One of the most popular customization options is adding a valence to create a more sophisticated and polished look for the best blinds Toronto.


Another convenient feature about Toronto custom blinds is that they can be motorized. This feature is optimal for hard to reach windows which is a recurring trend in many living spaces in Toronto. It is also ideal for those with pets or young children since motorized window coverings are a cordless system. When Toronto blinds are motorized, they can be controlled using your smart phone or through the use of a remote.

Whether you are looking to add Toronto blinds your home, loft or even in your office space, browsing our site will provide many great options to suit your needs. So go purchase your roller blinds Toronto!