Roman Shades

Roman Shades

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  • Timeless and elegant window treatment
  • Wide variety of unique designs and high quality fabrics to compliment any space
  • Warm, inviting look of drapery with the functionality of a blind
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Roman Shades

Roman Shades

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Roman shades are a classic window treatment that are among the most popular on the market due to their timeless elegance. These unique shades are known for their duality – they offer the warmth and feel of drapery combined with the functionality of blinds, making them an ideal option for decorating all living spaces. The fabric falls in sumptuous folds, stacking evenly when raised or in the flat option, rolling up to hide behind the aluminum valence.

Available in an broad selection of fabric and design options, this type of window covering can be customized to suit any personal style or interior decor. We offer color choices ranging from neutral whites and creamy beiges to vibrant blues and greys. Roman shades also come in a generous variety of textures and patterns so the design options are limitless!

Our carefully curated collection of roman shades are custom cut to ensure a perfect fit in any window up to 120” wide. Custom made window treatment add style and polish to any space, but custom made roman shades are at the height of sophistication when it comes to window treatments, offering a luxurious finishing touch to your home.

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These classically beautiful shades are not only advantageous because of the luxurious look and feel of soft the fabric folds made from high quality materials, they are easily customizable to allow you to cater them personally to your home. With several motorization options, you can have the unique charm of drapes with the ease of operation and sleek polished look of automated blinds. No other blind on the market today offers this specific combination of refined style and functionality, making it a diversely popular option among those with modern or traditional alike. There are several options available to choose from to ensure your roman shades are perfectly suited to your home.


Flat, Hobbled or Blackout Style

Flat roman shades have less pronounced folds and roll up seamlessly into the operating mechanism, allowing it to be completely hidden from view behind the decorative valence of your choice when in the raised position.

Hobbled roman shades have heavier folds and stack evenly when raised, achieving the elegant and opulent appearance of traditional drapery.

Blackout roman shades offer the convenience of two blinds in one, with a flat or hobbled roman shade complimented by a blackout roller encased within the same double clutch headrail system, allowing you to precisely customize the light and visibility entering your home. 

Valence options

Choosing no valence option is a simple, modern approach when furnishing your window with roman shades.

The compact cassette is our most popular valence option with its rounded face and space saving design. The square cassette has a flat front and square edges for a sharper, sleeker look. Both of these valence options can be covered with fabric insert corresponding to the fabric you have chosen for your shade. They are also both made of high quality aluminum material.

The opera roman shade comes with its own unique aluminum opera valence. With its flared, dramatic front it is a perfect pairing to the drama and sophistication of this room darkening shade. This valence can also be customized with corresponding fabric insert.

Motorization options

There are 4 types of motorization options available. With the wand option, you can raise and lower the shades with a simple press of button. You can also opt to pair with bluetooth technology to be able to control the shades from your smartphone.

The battery motor is a high powered motorization option that will make operating your blinds as simple as pushing a button. The complimentary bluetooth feature allows you to control or even program your motorized shades from your phones or smart device. Recharge your motor easily with the twelve foot charging cable, included with every purchase or motorized blinds. The battery motor with solar panel is an environmentally friendly and economical option that will drastically prolong the battery life of your motor. The wired motor is hardwired and offers the ease of motorization without ever having to charge a battery or have a dangling cord plugged into an outlet.

An exciting feature available with roman shades is the top down bottom up system, which allows for the blind to be lowered from the top and/or raised from the bottom. This system can be made with a chainloop system or motorized for optimal operating convenience.

* Note – 2 motors will needed for motorizing top down bottom up roman shades.

Light Blocker – Miracle Fit

For room darkening roman shades being mounted inside a window frame, consider adding our light blockers to your order. This revolutionary product eliminates any light escaping the gap between the edge of the material and the window frame. When paired with a valence, this system allows for a total room darkening affect.

Roman Shades – Frequently Asked Questions

How do roman shades work?

Roman shades are operated with a chainloop system that stacks the folds of fabric as the blind is raised and unfolds them evenly as they are lowered.

What is the difference between flat and hubbold roman shades?

The flat roman shades lay flat against the window when in the closed position, whereas the hubbold model still has pronounce folds when lowered.

Can you have multi-roman shades on one headrail?

No, the 2 or 3 shades on 1 headrail option is not available with Roman shades.

Can roman shades be blackout?

We offer a room darkening opera roman shade which allows for both light filtering and blackout options.

What is the warranty for roman shades? 

We offer an extensive warranty on our products. The fabric and motors are guaranteed for 5 years and the mechanism has a life time warranty.

What color will the components be?

All of the components (cassette, hembar and chain) are automatically matched with your chosen color of fabric. We offer 5 different colors: white, ivory, grey, brown and black.

What is the delivery time for my order?

The manufacturing and delivery time for custom orders is 12 to 15 business days across Canada, unless you have chosen the express manufacturing option available during certain periods, in which case your order will be placed in priority and manufactured more quickly. Your shades will be delivered via Purolator or Midland courier service. An email with the order tracking number will be sent to you at least 24 hours before delivery.

Are Roman shades easy to install?

Yes! Roman shades come fully assembled and with all necessary hardware. You simply need to follow our simple instructions to mount the brackets and the blinds click seamlessly into the brackets.

Is it possible to have a decorative valence with my roman shades?

Roman shades come without any valence but as an extra option there are several valences available for both flat and hobbled roman shades, all of them with corresponding fabric for a warm polished look.

Can you motorize roman shades?

There are several affordable motorized options for roman shades including wired and battery motors, both of which are compatible with the sleek solar panel.

How do I decide between flat or hubbold roman shades? What colour should I choose?

The best way to determine which type of Roman shades are best suited for your home is order free samples. By ordering free samples you are able to se firsthand the textures and colours available and compare them to the colours in your own home to ensure compatibility and a cohesive interior design.


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