Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

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Our custom vertical blinds are a simple, durable, and highly functional window covering option. They are a safe choice. Although they are an excellent choice for patio doors, large windows, and basement rooms, they are also very versatile and are ideal for any room.

Timeless, the vertical blinds in our large collection, stand out with their classic valance, silent and robust operating mechanism, and superior quality vanes. 

Do you want vertical blinds that fit perfectly with your decor? These custom vertical blinds are a must-have for your various window dressing needs.

Vertical blinds which are made of vinyl share many qualities that are similar to horizontal blinds. They offer complete privacy when closed and allow you to adjust the position of the vanes for precise light control. 

Simple to handle, this type of window treatment clearly has several advantageous design features and is best suited for covering large and high windows.

Thanks to its various opening possibilities, these vertical blinds have remained extremely popular for use on patio doors (sliding doors) and windows that open by to the side.

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Advantages of vertical blinds -> VINYL

These budget vertical blinds are offered with 3 ½’’ blackout vinyl vanes in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. In addition to being very durable, they reduce the amount of heat and UV rays from the sun from entering the room. The vanes are suspended from an aluminum rail equipped with a silent track designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art components. 

Its cord and chain opening mechanism and safe pulley system allow for precise positioning of its vanes. The vanes have the advantage of being easily removed and replaced individually in the event of a break. 

The vinyl vertical blinds available at Blind Depot’s online store are some of the easiest window blinds to clean and maintain on the market. 

To clean them, you simply need to wipe down the vinyl vanes with a sponge using a mix of water and a mild soap.

Vertical blinds offer real value when you want to completely control the lighting in a room and are perfect for sliding and large windows.



Options offered for your Vertical Blinds

Vane opening types

In order to adequately meet your window covering needs, our vertical vinyl blinds are offered with 3 opening possibilities. 

  • Right stack, which means that all the vanes pile up to the right side of the blind when opening. 
  • Left stack, which means that all the vanes pile up to the left side of the blind when opening. 
  • Center stack, where the vanes are divided into two piles when opening the vertical blind, one on the right and one on the left side of the vertical blind.


Are vertical blinds outdated?

Absolutely not, vertical blinds offer you a way to embellish your home and easily control the light which penetrates your sliding doors or regular windows. These window blinds are offered in different colors so they can fit your interior decor. Blinds can also add some privacy to your room. If you are shopping for vertical blinds, you should also consider the cordless vertical blinds.

Are vertical window blinds good?

Yes, vertical blinds are a popular choice because of the wide variety of fabrics. If you wish to buy vertical blinds online, be sure of the quality before you purchase. At Blind Depot, we are proud to say that we use one of the best suppliers in North America. Vertical blinds are a great option. These products are very much appreciated because of the wide selection of models and also because it lets you control the light in each room. Vertical blinds are made of durable materials and are made to last for years and years. Vertical blinds are also very popular for sliding windows.                                                                                           

How much does it cost to install vertical blinds?

Installation is easy and most people can do it themselves at no cost. The blinds come with all necessary hardware and installation pieces, all you need is a screwdriver or drill to install. Otherwise there are professional installers that offer installation services. The cost will depend on the number of blinds to install, but can generally be done at a reasonable cost.

What is the difference between venetian blinds and vertical blinds?

Venetian blinds are a window blind consisting of horizontal slats, made of metal, PVC or fabric, which can be pivoted to control the amount of light that passes through it. Vertical blinds are drawn to the side whereas ventian blinds are lifted and lowered. Vertical blinds have the additional advantage of collecting less dust because the slats are not horizontal like venetian blinds.

How to measure vertical blinds?

Measuring instructions are different depending on if you will be mounting your blind inside the window frame or on the outside.  For outside mount, generally you simply need to give the measurements of the area you wish to cover. For inside mount, for the width, you need to measure from left to right in 3 positions (top, middle, bottom) and take the smallest measurement. For the height, you need to measure from top to bottom in 3 positions (left, center, right) and take the largest measurement. The manufacturer will make any necessary deductions.

What are the different kinds of fabric for vertical blinds?

There’s a wide selection of vertical blinds: Classic vertical blinds consist of vinyl vanes and are slightly curved. Each vane measures 3 ½” and can have different textures and designs. White vertical blinds are the most popular blinds at the moment. They are available up to 192” in width and give a simplistic yet modern touch to any space. All classic vertical blinds, even white vertical blinds are also blackout vertical blinds and are ideal for bedrooms or other areas requiring darkness when in the closed position.

Is online shopping for vertical blinds a good idea?

Yes, absolutely! You can even receive a sample of the fabric so you are sure to choose the perfect blind color that fits your home. The process is very simple: 1. Use a tape measure to take your measurements; 2. Choose your models online and enter the width and length; 3. Wait for delivery and install or contact an installation expert.

What is the maximum width available for a vertical window blind?

The maximum width available at no additional cost is 192”.

What are vertical blind vanes made of?

The vanes are made of rigid vinyl and measure 3 ½”.

What types of openings are available?

We offer you 3 popular opening types. The right stack; where the vanes stack on the right when in the open position. The left stack; where the vanes stack left when in the open position. The center split; where the vanes divide from the center to stack evenly on the left and right when in the open position.

What is the difference between the different types of vanes?

All our vinyl vanes are of superior quality and very robust. The difference lies in the choice of colors and textures. You have the choice between smooth, embossed, or textured vanes. 

Do you offer replacement vanes?

Absolutely. If your purchase has been made on our online store Blind, we will be happy to send you replacement vanes at a nominal price.

I want to dress my patio door with this type of window covering. Is this a good option?

Definitely. For the dressing of a patio door, vertical blinds are ideal and a very popular choice. They can be mounted outside or inside the frame. Very durable, it blocks the sun’s rays to provide you with optimal privacy. 

What kind of rail comes with your vertical blinds?

The V3000 rail. Made of aluminum, it is very robust and quiet. Guaranteed for life, for your peace of mind. This rail model fits almost any sliding windows. 

Can the vanes be removed from the rail for cleaning?

Vinyl vanes can easily be removed from the rail for maintenance purposes. Simple to maintain, all you need is a damp cloth and a mild soap. 


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