Window Blinds Canada

Window Blinds Canada


Benefits of buying custom blinds online from a reputable company such as Blind Depot ®

Our low prices
Pay 2 times less than prices in store. Our purchase volume allows us to offer you high quality custom blinds online at the best prices. Up to 65% savings.

Satisfaction guaranteed
Our commitment to our customers sets us apart. Our customers are the first to tell us, they choose Blind for exceptional products and services. At the very core of our priorities, our customers benefit from a customized approach to window dressings. We are committed to doing the maximum for your complete satisfaction.

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Products under a lifetime warranty
The high-quality designer window furnishings that we offer distinguishes us from the rest. Quality, price and our famous lifetime warranty on our custom blinds online contribute to our success.

Free delivery
Blind Depot is the only company that offers free shipping across the country for any delivery address and quantity or size of the blinds or shades.

Free samples
Take advantage of the opportunity to receive free samples delivered to you so that you can choose your new window coverings in the comfort of your home.

Expert window dressing specialists
You can count on the solid experience of our window dressing specialists who will take the time to assess your needs and give you the best advice in decorating and window decor.

Blind Depot is a leader when it comes to high quality custom window blinds Canada online. Our commitment is to make available high-quality window decoration products at the best possible price in the industry.

Environmentally friendly
The environment is a priority for us, which is why all our products are GreenGuard certified, which means healthy indoor air quality for kids and schools. Our products are also certified EnviroGreen because they do not emit any harmful volatile organic compounds in the environment.

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A window shade is a curtain that is more versatile and of better quality. Made of different fabrics, such as wood, vinyl, aluminum or polyester, its primary function is to protect against the sun rays and to provide privacy. Under the action of a motor mechanism, chain, rod or cord, it moves from bottom to top, from left to right and its slats are pivoting.


Custom window dressings are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very functional. A quality window blind or shade provides a more harmonious finish, which will increase the value and appeal of your home for resale and in the eyes of your guests. It's also worth noting that your control of brightness and privacy will be enhanced with a window furnishing that is adjusted to perfection to your window and framing. The choice and the possibilities are vast in terms of window decorating, so do not hesitate to contact us and our experts will take the time to evaluate your needs and guide and advise you in the purchase of a quality blind Canada online.

Zebra Blinds
Zebra blinds are a hot commodity right now. It’s a very popular product because of its sophisticated style and ease of use. They are made of two layers of light filtering horizontal fabrics that overlap between a sheer or thin net to create an open / closed effect. This product also gives you superior control over the level brightness and privacy.

Blackout Opera Zebra Blinds
For areas that require total darkness, such as a bedroom, Blackout Opera Zebra Blinds are an innovative product and is the ideal solution. Lined with a blackout roller shade at the back of the zebra blind, it not only provides complete darkness, but allows you to maintain uniformity in your decor by pairing this product with the same alternative fabric as other windows.

Blackout Roller Shades
Blackout roller shades are an economical and durable choice for spaces requiring total darkness. Very popular product by its functionality, it will assist you in getting a recuperative and deep sleep. Available in vinyl or a blend of polyester and acrylic, these contemporary fabrics and colors are irresistible.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical vinyl blinds are traditional and always in demand. This ultra-resistant classic is coveted for large sized windows. The different opening types and vinyl slats with different textures make it durable and timeless.

Cellular Shades
Honeycomb cellular shades have grown in popularity. What distinguishes them from other custom blinds are its many opening possibilities and its make-up of independent cells which gives it insulating properties against heat transfer.

Horizontal Blinds
Horizontal blinds, wooden or faux wood blinds, with smooth or textured slats, have been popular for several decades. Easy to operate and use on a daily basis, they are very durable and are ideal in warmer climates, where the window treatment is highly exposed to the sun or humidity. All our horizontal blinds are offered to you with a luxury valance matched to your chosen color of slats.

Sheer Shades
Sheer shades combine the utility of horizontal blinds with the beauty and delicacy of a roller shade. This product has been around for over 30 years, however it is only in recent years that this window covering has been gaining more and more popularity. Once considered to be a high-end product, it is offered to you at very competitive prices.

Solar Shades
Solar shades, also known as solar roller blinds for windows, Sheerweave or Screen shades are recognized as being the only shades which when closed, allows you to maintain a view of the outside. Theses window coverings are also appreciated for their versatility, ease of use and energy-efficient thermal properties.

custom sheer shades online
custom sheer shades online


These products are originally from ancient Egypt. At that time, blinds were made of reed. Greatly transformed and improved since then, it was the Venetians during the Renaissance that commercialized them. The traders-travelers of Venice in Italy imported them from Persia to benefit the inhabitants of the city.

The Venetian blind (or horizontal blind) was exported to France in 1700 to dress the windows of the King of France. The blinds would be then called shutters.

The explosion of the popularity of the blind was at its peak during the industrial revolution in the United States. In 1840 John Hampson, an American from New Orleans industrialized and marketed it. The venetian blind was then equipped with a synchronized slat orientation system as we know it today. The buildings of New York were adorned in the 1930s in the very center of the city of Manhattan.

In Canada, after the Second World War, blinds and shades continue to gain popularity. Window dressing is now a competitive market. Currently, physical stores still have their place, but it is the online stores that you can find the best quality at the best price. That's why so many residential and commercial customers purchase their custom window treatments online. With discounts up to 65% off the in-store price and the convenience of shopping from home. The custom blind industry and the world market is rapidly changing. Motorized blinds and shades are becoming an increasingly popular product and are a great cordless opening option for children's safety.

Blind Depot, an innovative company, is always on the lookout for new products and new trends. We are very proud to offer you current and modern high-quality window blinds Canada online.

Shop the #1 Canada blinds online in the comfort of your own home with confidence!