Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds

  • High quality 2″ rigid slats reduce warping
  • Faux wood or real Linden wood
  • Control of slats by cords

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds

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The horizontal blinds from our collection are very versatile and can easily adapt to all types of decor. In addition to being durable, they are as pleasant to look at from the inside than from the outside. Whether you prefer faux wood or real wood, this product is ideal for filtering or blocking the light and fulfilling your privacy needs. Offered with a refined luxury valance matched with your chosen color of the fabric. These affordable window treatments will charm you with their traditional look and ease of use.

Advantages of the faux wood horizontal blind
This type of window covering is popular and classic because of its ease of use, its look and its sturdiness. Made of a PVC composite material with real wood particles, it is ideal for damp spaces as the slats do not warp. The 2″ wide slats are available smooth or with texture if you prefer the appearance of real wood. They come in a wide range of colors that are easily matched with any decor. The slats can be adjusted to filter the light to your desired intensity, giving you optimal light control. In the closed position, they provide privacy and darkness in the room.

Advantages of the wooden horizontal blind
Our wooden blinds are made with real linden wood. This wood grows quickly and abundantly. It is therefore an ecological choice. The linden tree has multiple properties. It is very lightweight but known for its durability and ease of maintenance. It’s dyed by hand twice and then undergoes a drying process which protects the wood from UV rays and premature discolouration. Our natural wood select blinds will certainly give your rooms a warm atmosphere and lots of comfort.


2 blinds on one headrail
In order to meet your window dressing needs, you can add up to 2 blinds on the same headrail from our online store. This is an ideal option for very large windows, for windows that you want to partially cover, and patio doors.

Slats without holes
Traditionally there are holes in the center of the slat to control the inclination and the opening and closing of the product. We offer you the possibility to choose slats without holes that will give you almost total darkness when closed. In addition, this option undeniably adds a sophisticated modern look to your contemporary decor.

2” decorative ladder tape
Very popular for years, this inexpensive option will give your decor a finished and refined look. The main function of the decorative ladder tape is to hide the control cords on the slats. Available in a multitude of colors.