Panel track

Panel Track

  • Sophisticated way to dress large windows and patio doors
  • Multiple fabric panels on a sliding track
  • Unique vertical blind design with the look of curtains
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Panel track

Panel track

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Panel track blinds are a sophisticated vertical window covering option that is ideal for large windows and patio doors. They are composed of three, four or five panels placed on a sliding track systems, controlled by a simply hand pull control wand. This convenient sliding system allows the panels to smoothly glide on the wheeled trace to either open or close the panels. Its control is quiet, easy to use and discreet, offering the ease of rod curtains with the sophistication of a blind.

These window coverings come in an array of stunning colours and styles to choose from. We offer a selection of  high quality fabrics including fabric that block UV rays and can reduce heat that enters into your space with the added bonus of protective your hardwood floors and fabric furniture. There are a variety of opening options to select from when it comes to customizing your blinds, as well as several valance customizations to choose from so that your new shades will blend perfectly with your existing style.

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These fabrics are Greenguard and EnviroGreen certified, so you can feel confident in your purchase in the quality of product entering your home. Choose from our wide selection of solar, blackout and light filtering fabrics ! One of the main advantages is their convenience for fitting large windows and doors. When closed, the panels are stacked in a clean manner to one side of the window. This blind is the perfect fusion of function and design, merging the sophistication of a roller shade and the ease of curtains. Opening and closing your blinds will be a breeze with the sleek wand control, allowing you to get privacy and block unwanted light with the flick of your wrist! Panel track blinds are a safe option for those with children or animals. As well as the controls being government approved, the panels tend to be long in length therefore the control systems do not pose any risk. These window coverings are easy to maintain due to their high quality PVC and polyester blended fabric. The panels tend to collect less dust in comparison to other types of window coverings and can easily tended with a duster.


Large widths available up 192”

Panel track blinds are an ideal window covering solution for large patio doors and tall windows that are too large to cover with a single shade. Our manufacturer is one of the only Canadian blind manufacturers that offers blinds up to 192” to cover even the largest of windows.

Cassette options

These blinds are compatible with a decorative valance to cover the headrail track system. This additional feature will add a polished look to your blinds. The Geneva wood valance is a decorative wood valance that is available in various colours to most closely match your chosen colour o. With distinctive elegant grooves, this valance option is ideal for those with more rustic tastes. The contrasting materials of wood will add style and warmth to any space.   

An alternative option is the PVC valance which has a fabric insert made of the same material as your chosen blind fabric for a seamless finishing touch that can help add a cozy finish to any indoor space.

The compact cassette is our most compact design, perfect for windows with minimal installation clearance. This valance is available with with the bonus option of fabric covering the valance which will match your chosen panel fabric. The square cassette is a popular valance option that will add modernity and elegance with its sharp square frame and flat face. Both of these cassette options are made of high quality varnished aluminum.

3,4 5 or 6 panels  

Panel tracks blinds are composed of 3,4 or 5 fabric panels on the sliding track. The number of panels received depends on the width selected for your window, as the width of each panel is pre determined based on over all measurements. 

Opening options

Left stack, right stack or centre split. The fabric panels stack neatly to either the left, right or can be split in the middle. You may choose the stacking position that suits your window or patio door if you wish to accommodate handles or doorknobs.

Decorative wood batons

These unique blinds come with a unique and beautiful option of the decorative wood batons to adorn the length of your fabric panels. These batons are thin rods of wood that are attached in even intervals along the length of your blind. Pair it with the Geneva wood valance to add a rustic touch to your shades! 

Control options

These window coverings are available with the innovative and child safe control wand. The wand is made of durable PVC and will be colour coordinated to your selected fabric colour. 


What is the maximum width for panel track blinds?

The maximum total width is 192”

Is it possible to install using a ceiling mount?

Yes, it is possible to install these blinds using ceiling brackets whether this is an inside or outside mount. It is important during the customizing process to specify if you will need a wall or ceiling bracket.

How many panels will there be?

This type of blind can have up to 6 panels. The options are 3, 4, 5 or 6 panels. The number of panels will be chosen by default depending on the total width of your blind.

What is the best way to measure for this type of blind?

In order to receive the most accurate measurements, is to begin by measuring from the top of the window. Measure exactly where you would like your headrail to be installed. Next, measure the exact height that you would like you’re blind to be. For an outside wall mount, these exact measurements will be all that you need. For an inside ceiling mount, deduct 1/4” on the length and deduct 1/2” on the height.

Do they come with a cassette?

No, this type of blind does not come with a cassette. Although, cassette options such as the Compact cassette, Geneva wood valance, Square cassette and the PVC valance are available as additional options to add a sleek finish to your window coverings.

What are the most popular uses for panel track blinds?

Some common ways in which these blinds can be used are as room dividers, in professional spaces and on hard to reach or large windows and doors.

How do the blinds open and close?

This type of window treatment can be opened manually simply by pulling the fabric over the window in an open or closed position. A control wand is available to assist in the process of controlling your blind.

Is the same type of fabric available elsewhere on the website?

Yes, some fabric options can be in the roller shade section of our website. This is a great option for matching other blinds that may already be in your home!

Are they easy to clean?

The way these blind are positioned allows them to collect less dust compared to other types of blinds. They can be cleaned using a duster as well as being spot clean using a damp cloth. Our window covering specialists are available to help with any additional questions!

Are there any odors that come from the fabric?

No, these blinds are scentless. They are made from flame-retardant fabric and are Greenguard and EnviroGreen certified and pose no risks to health.

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