Cellular shades

Cellular shades

  • Multiple opening options
  • Provide a unique style with independent honeycomb cells
  • Child safe with cordless option

Cellular shades

Cellular shades

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The cellular shade is a product that is gaining popularity because it is simple to  use and offers multiple opening possibilities. It provides an elegant and stylish look for your  window and  your room. Our cellular shades  are made of polyester cells commonly called honeycomb cells. Independent  from each other, they give any space a unique look. They are available with light filtering fabrics which allow the light to filter through while maintaining privacy or as blackout blinds ideal for bedrooms.

Often mistakenly called cellular blinds or pleated shades, the correct  terminology that is used in the industry is cellular shades or honeycomb blinds. In fact, the name comes from the unique shape of the honeycomb cells that can be seen if you look at the side of the blind.

Benefits of the cellular shade

One of the most well-known features of the cellular shade is its insulating properties. Thanks to their honeycomb make-up, they provide you with an energy-efficient option by reducing heat transfer, ensuring a stable ambient temperature in your home for your comfort. These window blinds also block up to 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun. This honeycomb blind is made up of independent 3/4 inch cells, which are light, strong and eco-friendly. The cords in the fabric are virtually undetectable, giving this select blind a distinguished look. Not just any regular budget blind, every detail of these custom blinds are carefully thought out, making it one of the most popular blinds Canada has to offer.



The cordless option allows you to raise and lower the window shade without the addition of a cord. It is available as an option with any of our cellular shades.In addition to being practical, it is safe for children because the danger of a dangling cord is non-existent.

Cordless Top-Down/Bottom-Up

The cordless option, combined with the Top-Down/Bottom-Up option is a very functional window covering idea. It allows you to manipulate the blind without a cord, and at the same time, you can lower the blind partially from the top of or from the bottom of the window or both. This allows for more privacy while maintaining a view of the outdoors. With this window treatment option, you can allow daylight to enter the room simply by lowering the upper or lower part of the blind. This type of window dressing is convenient for rooms requiring more privacy like bathrooms, dining rooms or living rooms.


From our online blind store you can add home automation to your cellular blind with Somfy battery powered motors. You simply have to select the motorization option when you customize your blind. Somfy motors are recognized in the industry as reliable and easy to use. All of our Somfy motors are covered by a 5 year warranty and are safe for children because there are no cords. This motorized shade option will most certainly enhance your daily life.