Double Roller Shades

Double Roller Shades

  • Patented double roller design offers the unique combination of function and beauty
  • Offers both illuminating quality of a light filtering shade with the convenience of a blackout shade all in one compact and stunning teardrop valence
  • Easily customizable with a wide variety of control options and a diverse fabric selection
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Double Roller Shades

Double Roller Shades

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The double roller shade is a unique window treatment offering optimal control of the light entering your home. With its patented double roller design, the blind is made up of two roller shades, a sheer or solar panel in front to softly diffuse the light as well as a blackout panel behind to provide complete privacy when needed and eliminate any glare.

The double roller system allows you to have the best of both worlds for your window treatments. Take your pick from our extensive collection of solar and sheer shades in a variety of stunning colours and textures. Solar shades diffuse the light by blocking UV rays while sheer shades filter the light and offer privacy with their opaque fabric.

Double roller shades are available with a comprehensive selection of control options. They are compatible with motorization options, including the affordable motorized wand. They can also be made with the cordless lift system to allow for an even sleeker design with no hanging controls.

Not only are double rollers revolutionary in performance when precisely controlling the light and heat entering your home, they are a beautiful and elegant finishing touch to elevate the style in any space without sacrificing on functionality. It is the perfect combination of function and beauty!

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Advantages of double roller shades

Double roller shades are an all-in-one blind that truly suits any space, providing everything you may need from a window covering.

Solar shades are ideally suited for the opera roller design. Solar shades are great for the daytime but at night may allow for visibility within the home. Combining a solar shade with a blackout panel effectively eliminates that nighttime privacy issue.

If you want to furnish your entire home with a solar or sheer shade but want privacy for the bathrooms and bedrooms, this opera roller system solves that issue! This innovative double roller design allows for uniformity throughout the home by matching the front panel of the opera blind to the regular roller shades in your common areas and adding the blackout feature in spaces where privacy in needed.


Valence options

The double roller shade comes with an elegant teardrop style Opera cassette. This cassette is designed specifically for the double roller system and allows for the most compact installation possible. The opera cassette is made of aluminum and will be colour coordinated with your chosen fabric for the closest cohesive match. This valence options is available with the coordinating fabric insert which will cover the front of the cassette with the same material as your chosen solar or sheer shade panel, offering a polished, uniform look within the frame from headrail to bottom bar.

An alternate valence option is the Grande Cassette, a modern aluminum valence large enough to encompass the dual roller design but its attractive square shape and flat surface are the height of modernity and style!  

Motorization options

The battery motor is a high powered motorization option that will make operating your blinds as simple as pushing a button or a request to amazon Alexa. The modern bluetooth feature allows you to control or even program your motorized shades from your phones or smart device. Recharge your motor easily with the twelve foot charging cable. The battery motor with solar panel is an environmentally friendly and economical option that will drastically prolong the battery life of your motor. The wired motor is hardwired and offers the ease of motorization without ever having to charge a battery or have a dangling cord plugged into an outlet.

Available as an options plus is the Maxxlink Smart hub controller that enables wifi compatibility for your motors.

Note – 2 motors will needed for motorizing top opera roller shades, one for each panel of fabric allowing for individual control of each blind within the opera system.

Control options

Blind Depot offers several affordable and functional control options for these unique shades. The height of child safety standards, the DecoraSafe chain pull system is an efficient control option that works with a hand crank at the bottom, or simply push a button to expose the chain and pull with your hand.

The motorized wand is an affordable motorization options that works at the push of a button. Upgrade your motorized wand to the bluetooth option for supreme control of your blind. They can be programmed and operated from anywhere within the home.

The cordless lift system is a sophisticated control option that allows the ease of operation with simply the gentle push or pull of your hand. The ingenious tension spring system within the cassette allows you to lower or raise your blind to anywhere within the window frame by simple gripping the fabric wrapped hem bar at the bottom of each panel of fabric and guiding the blind up or down.

Miracle Fit Light Blocker

For room darkening opera roller shades being mounted inside a window frame, consider adding our light blockers to your order. This revolutionary product eliminates any light escaping the gap between the edge of the material and the window frame. This system allows for a total room darkening affect.

2 on 1 headrail

Double roller shades can be made in the multi blind format of two blinds on one headrail. This option is highly recommended for larger blinds and each side can be customized to your desired measurements to suit any window size up to 108”, you can split your blinds in 2 panels of fabric.


Are the sheer and solar fabrics associated with the double roller shades available as a single roller on your website?

Yes, all of the front panel fabrics available with the opera rollers can be found on our website as single layer roller shades by going to products and choosing Roller Shades.

Can double roller shades be motorized?

Double roller shades are available with battery and wired motorization as well as the new motorized wand system. Please note that for opera roller shades the purchase of 2 motors per blind is necessary to control each blind individually.

Is installation of a double roller shade more difficult than a regular roller shade?

As the blind comes assembled within the opera cassette, installation is just as simple as an other shade.

What is the minimum depth required to install double roller shades?

The minimum depth required to install is 3 1/4” but 4” minimum for the blind to be flush with the window frame.

Are the opera cassette and the grande cassette compatible with the fabric insert?

Yes! Both cassettes available with the opera roller can be covered in fabric corresponding to the front panel of fabric.

How recommended is the Miracle Fit light blocker system?

The miracle fit system will ensure that no light seeps in between the edge of the blind and the window frame. It is highly recommended when intending to blackout a room! It is very easy to install.

What is the turnaround time for double roller shades?

Expect delivery within 12-15 business days of placing your order with us!

How do I choose between the various front fabrics?

To determine which type of front fabric suits your needs, feel free to order various free samples of the sheer, solar and translucent models. Call one of our agents if you have further design questions, we’d be happy to help guide you!

Where are the controls for each blind?

There will be one control on either side. For example if the motorized wand is ordered, one wand will be on the left and the other will be on the right.