Zebra blinds

Zebra blinds

  • Unique look of alternating bands for a stunning effect
  • Full control over the brightness of a room
  • Extensive collection of textures and high quality modern fabrics
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Zebra blinds

Zebra blinds

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Zebra blinds are very trendy right now. In fact, it’s the product of the hour thanks to its sophisticated look. This innovation in the window covering industry is known by many names even if they are all the same decorative window treatment.

This popular product is also known as dual shade, alternative shade, transitional shade, alternating blind, ambio, prestige and cascade shades. This type of this window shade is novel for many reasons: it offers a mixture of efficiency, finesse and style while being modern and practical at the same time. Dual blinds allow optimal and precise light filtering control.

The operation is simple, which makes this window shade even more attractive. Alternating fabric strips allow this window covering to seamlessly go from an open to closed position. The bands can be superimposed or aligned depending on the desired privacy you are looking to achieve.

A favorite in contemporary decor, it will harmonize and enhance the atmosphere in any room. Our high-quality collection is available in a multitude of colors, fabrics and fine sheers and are manufactured according to your specifications.

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Advantages of zebra blinds

This type of window covering has light filtering fabric that diffuses light with smooth unparalleled precision in order to achieve your desired level of brightness while maintaining privacy. Its versatility, style and dynamism, not to mention it’s quiet and durable high-quality roller mechanism which is guaranteed for life, ensures that this product will be your ally in any room of your home. The hembar that is paired with your shade allows the fabric to flow easily, avoiding stacking at the bottom of the window and out of sight behind the cassettes that is included when fully raised. Easy to maintain, a simple feather duster is enough to clean this window covering. Our products are proudly made here. We aim to meet your highest standards and to provide you the best in window coverings that the industry has to offer.


Cassette with fabric insert

The cassette that covers the roll is a beautiful added element of decor. Unique on the market, it’s shaped in the form of a half moon and has a brushed aluminum finish. The color of the aluminum cassette will be matched with your chosen fabric. You also have the possibility of having your cassette covered with the same type of fabric as your zebra blinds. The effect will be even more spectacular, and you will have a richer, more finished designer looking product.

2 or 3 shades on the same cassette

In order to adequately meet your window dressing needs, Blind Depot.ca custom products give you the possibility to have 2 or 3 shades on the same cassette, up to a total maximum width of 144”. From our online store, you can select this option when customizing your order on our platform. This popular solution is the ideal for very large windows. Not only will this option provide you with a stunning effect, it will allow you to have full control over the brightness in the room by giving you the ability to independently open or close each side, fully or partially. Without saying, this is a must-have for patio doors.

Cordless lifting system

To add a unique and refined look to your window coverings or to make your blinds even safer for children. You have the option of choosing the cordless lift option. The mechanism is made up of the latest technology allowing you to operate the blind by touching it lightly with your fingertips, without chains or cords.


The addition of a quality motorized system is easily done when customizing your order our online store. Home automation gives you even more control over the ambiance in any room. Blind Depot.ca offers 3 types of motorization with your window shade: battery, solar and wired. Ultra-safe for children because there is no cord, these next-generation, more powerful, reliable, quiet and unobtrusive motors are all covered by one of the best 5-year warranties on the market. Easy to install, they are preprogrammed during the manufacturing process and ready to use once delivered. All you have to do is program the home automation settings according to your needs. Control your motorized window treatments from your phone or tablet within a radius of approximately 30 feet and enjoy the additional comfort.

Zebra Blinds – Frequently Asked Questions

What are zebra blinds?

Zebra blinds are a type of window cover that is gaining popularity across the country. It’s distinguishable look resembles the stripes of a zebra – it is comprised of solid fabric bands that alternate with sheer or net bands. The operation of this product simple and allows you to transition between sheer and privacy.

How much do zebra blinds cost?

The cost of zebra blinds depends on several factors including the width and height of the window covering, the type of fabric and the addition of optional features such as motorization.

How do the alternating panels function?

The concept is simple, depending on the need for privacy and desired brightness, the panels can be aligned or superimposed. The horizontal panels of fabric alternate as you open and close the shade. The panels can even be adjusted to block off any dispersion of light.

What are the differences between the models of your collection?

All of our products are custom made, covered by an excellent warranty and manufactured with the highest quality parts and fabrics. The difference lies mainly in 2 characteristics: the texture of the fabric panel and the material between the fabric panels. Generally, the color and texture of the fabric panels will vary depending on the zebra model. There is also a band between the fabric panels which will be composed of either a fine sheer or net.

How is the price calculated when I chose 2 shades on 1 cassette or 3 shades on 1 cassette?

There are no additional charges if you opt for 2 or 3 shades on the same cassette. In order to maximize savings, the price is calculated independently for each blind. The maximum width available is 144’’.

Which type of motorization do you offer?

We offer 3 types of motorization: battery, solar and wired. The battery motorization system stays charged for about 6 months depending on usage. The solar motorization system does not require any additional connection after the initial set-up since it is powered by the sun’s rays. The wired motorization system plugs into the electrical panel. The remote control included in your motorization package allows you to control your blinds within a distance of about 30 feet. These packages also include Bluetooth technology that allows you to control your window blinds from your smartphone.

Is installation easy? 

Yes, installation is very easy. All necessary installation hardware will be included in your order as well as installation instructions (also found on our How to Install page). All you need is a screwdriver and electric drill.

What color will the components be?

All of the components (cassette, hembar and chain) are automatically matched with your chosen color of fabric. We offer 5 different colors: white, ivory, grey, brown and black.

What is the applicable warranty on your customized products?

Our zebra blinds and other window shades are covered by the best warranty in the industry; a lifetime warranty for the mechanism and 5 years for the fabric. For more information, consult our warranty policy.

What is the delivery time for my order?

The manufacturing and delivery time for custom orders is 12 to 15 business days across Canada, unless you have chosen the express manufacturing option available during certain periods, in which case your order will be placed in priority and manufactured more quickly. Your shades will be delivered via Purolator or Midland courier service. An email with the order tracking number will be sent to you at least 24 hours before delivery.

Are zebra shades a good window treatment?

Zebra shades are a type of window covering that are unique and will add sophistication to any room. The alternating bands fit with any all home design style while creating warmth and a clean look. Zebra blinds are easy to operate  and can installed in any window in your home.

What quality are the products?

We are proud to offer among the highest quality custom window coverings in the industry. Quality is a primary consideration in window coverings. Quality is measured not only by the type of the materials used, but also by the components that make up the blind. Another important factor is the level of knowledge of our teams that assemble the blinds and the tools used, such as latest technology cutting tables of our local manufacturer.


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