Roller shades

Roller Shades

  • Solar shades, blackout or light filtering roller shades
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Silent Rollease mechanism with a lifetime warranty
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Roller shades

Roller shades

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Roller shades are versatile and, like the zebra blind, will be your ally and pleasantly decorate any room. All of our roller blinds are custom made with premium quality features and components, and are under warranty for a period of 5 years, with the mechanism under a lifetime warranty. We offer 3 different custom models: solar shades, natural light filtering roller shades and the famous blackout roller shades.

Solar shades are characterized by their micro-perforated fabric (pierced with small holes) which have the function of preserving your view to the outside. We offer the most popular weaving percentages, being 1%, 3%, 5% and 10%. The lower percentages will give you a greater degree of privacy and allow less light to filter through. Its sleek design and energy efficiencies make it a preferred choice in offices, waiting rooms and for patio doors.

Blackout roller shades are a modern classic. We offer this model with up-to-date colors and fabrics. Available in vinyl or a mixture of acrylic and polyester, you will be charmed by the multiple advantages of this popular product and its efficacy in providing complete darkness in the room in which it is installed.

Decorative natural light filtering roller blinds are distinguished by their light translucent fabrics which diffuse the brightness evenly in the room. It does not allow you to view outside, but does allow you to maintain your privacy for the most part. With its modern patterns and textures ideal for enhancing decor, you will appreciate this shade wherever it is installed.

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Advantages of solar shades

Our solar window shades are designed to block and attenuate the overpowering reflections of the sun and its rays while allowing the light to infiltrate the room. By the same token, it helps to preserve the discoloration of furniture and other elements of your decor. Simple and elegant, it is recognized for its energy efficient properties due to its ingenious design. 

This product helps keep the heat inside during the winter and keep the heat out during the summer. Maintain privacy during the day, all while preserving your view outside. This window covering is very simple to install in all types of windows, just like our blackout and decorative roller window coverings. It can also be easily cleaned with water and mild soap.


Advantages of blackout roller shades

Blackout blinds are very popular because of the complete darkness and privacy they provide in bedrooms or home theater rooms. Of superior quality, our blackout rollers are made up of 4 superimposed ply’s of fabric, which means there are 4 layers of protection in this shade. Also, its self-lubricating chain mechanism is silent and easy to use.


Advantages of natural light filtering decorative roller shades

Also known as decorative blinds, this product (roller shades) allows you to dress your windows in style. They are versatile and can be coordinated with all types of decor. They are a major asset during the warmer months as you are able to control the amount of sunlight, and heat, that enters the room. Its thin fabric reduces the amount of sunlight by filtering out natural light and reducing glare. 

These types of roller shades will allow you to maintain your privacy since it is not possible to discern from the outside what is happening inside. Its ultra-rigid aluminum tube ensures its stability for years to come. You will appreciate its simplicity, its silent mechanism and the texture of its remarkable variety of fabrics.



Options offered for your next Roller Shades

Fascia, valence and cassette

To add style to your decor, our online store offers you a wide selection of custom cassettes and valences to cover the top of the roll. To add this option to enhance your design, simply select the desired cover in Option Plus when customizing your window covering.

2 or 3 shades on the same cassette

To meet your window dressing needs, we offer you the possibility to have 2 or 3 shades on the same cassette, up to a maximum width of 144 ’’. Our custom blind store allows you to easily add this personalized option during the customization process. This is a preferred choice for large windows as it gives you the power to independently open or close each panel and provides maximum brightness control.

Cordless lifting system

To add a unique and refined look to your window coverings or to make your blinds even safer for children. You have the option of choosing the cordless lift option. The mechanism is made up of the latest technology allowing you to operate the blind by touching it lightly with your fingertips, without chains or cords.


When customizing your window coverings, you can add custom home automation to your roller shades online. We offer 3 types of quality motorization options: battery, solar, and wired. 

Ultra-safe for children because there is no cord, these new generations, more powerful, reliable, and discreet motors are all covered by one of the best 5-year warranties on the market. 

Delivered preprogrammed, they are adjustable according to your needs. With Bluetooth technology included, you have the opportunity to control everything from your smartphone or tablet within a radius of approximately 30 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roller Shades

Can you see through window roller shades?

It will depend on the type of roller shade. For example, solar shades have an open weave fabric that lets in the light. During the day, you can see outside but people passing by cannot see easily inside. At night, however, the effect is reversed. When the lights are turned on in your home at night, it is easier to see inside through the blinds.

How do you fix a roller shade that won’t roll up?

If the shade doesn’t hold, the spring is too loose. Pull the shade down enough to roll the roller several times; if it is very loose, pull it down about halfway. Lift the flat end of the roller off its base. Then roll the blind by hand, keeping it firmly rolled up.

Can you install roller shades blinds yourself?

You can install blinds yourself. Contrary to what you might hear in other stores, you don’t necessarily need to hire a specialized person to do it for you. You don’t even need to have any experience yourself.

What color should I choose for my roller shades?

There are many different colors to choose from. It is always a good idea to harmonize your blinds with your decorating style. Be bold for a modern touch and use a bright color for a central point in your room. Or you could choose white to add more light colors to your room.

Can you see through light filtering roller shades at night?

Light filtering privacy blinds are designed to diffuse the daylight and control the level of privacy. These blinds provide privacy during the day but will also prevent you from seeing outside. At night, people will not be able to see you through these blinds from the outside, but they may see siliouttes or shadows.

What is the opacity level of the blackout roller shades?

Our blackout roller shades are 100% blackout. These window blinds completely block all of the brightness from entering a room.

Can you block the light gaps between the roller shade and the window frame?

We have a patented solution called Miracle Fit that can be used to block light gaps between the shade and the window frame. Miracle Fit strips come pre-cut according to your dimensions, you just have to remove the protective strip on the adhesive tape and affix it on the frame.

What is the difference between 1%, 3%, 5% and 10% window solar shades?

The difference between these models of roller shades is the percentage of light that will penetrate the fabric. 1% weave allows 1% of the light to penetrate and blocks 99% of the sun’s rays while 10% weave allows 10% of the light to penetrate and blocks 90% of the sun’s rays.

I have a commercial office. What type of roller shades do you recommend?

Although there are a wide variety of roller window shades, the 5% solar shades are professionals’ preferred choice in commercial spaces, offices, shops, waiting rooms and restaurants. This model allows you to keep the view to the outside while allowing the light to filter indoors.

If I unroll the fabric of roller shades to the end of the roll, is there a risk that the fabric will come off the roll?

No, we add up to an extra 12 inches in height to conceal the roll and prevent the fabric from coming off the roll.

Are your roller shades window coverings made with eco-friendly materials and methods?

Yes, Blind is very aware of our environmental impact. All our roller blinds and products are made with EnviroGreen and Greenguard certified materials.

Is the fabric of roller shades flame retardant?

Most of our fabrics are flame retardant. They meet the commercial standards required by insurance companies and delay combustion during a fire.

What is the main feature of the decorative light filtering roller shade?

In addition to being very aesthetic, it has the advantage of allowing light to diffuse into the room, all while maintaining a certain level of privacy.

What is the difference between the types of cassettes you offer to cover the roll at the top of the blackout shade?

We offer 4 popular and modern options. All of the roller shades we offer are available with a compact cassette, made of aluminum in the shape of a half-moon, with or without fabric insert on the cassette. The economic PVC valance is made of reinforced plastic and comes with a fabric insert on the valance. Finally, our roller shades are available with a 4’’ square fascia made of aluminum. (The fabric insert on the cassette or valence will be the same as the fabric chosen for the blind).


If you are looking for custom roller shades or designer roller shades, please contact us at We have a wide selection of roller shades models (Roman shades coming soon). Shop for roller shades with the best and choose Blind Depot.


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